Days 20 & 21: Sitting in the General Vicinity of The Bay

Impressions of The Bay Area written in less than 5 minutes:

1.  Great burritos.

2. Pervasive essence of weed smoke.

3. Not many cops (I suspect they’re all in Oakland because, you know, black people)

4. Almost aggressively pan-ethnic.

5. No one tried to gay marry me while I was there…to my knowledge.

Now, time for the holiday snaps:



Union Square in Downtown San Francisco, along with the obligatory phallic monument.


Donde es Barry Bonds? Oh yeah…his steroid engorged head wouldn’t fit in the mural.


UC-Berkeley’s Main Library. Nothing says university of the people like Corinthian marble collonades


I’d bet good money if you ask 5 random Berkeley students who Mario Savio is, 4 of them say they always had a crush on him when he was on Saved By The Bell.


Best…album cover…ever…

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