Police Violence

What Do We Tell Our Children? Explaining The Ray Tensing Mistrial

The recent mistrial in the case against former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing for the murder of Sam Dubose is certainly not the first instance of a grave miscarriage of justice involving the shooting of an unarmed, noncombative… Read More ›


Shoot First, Apologize Later: The Police Killings of Bettie Jones & Quintonio Jones

For most Americans, December 26th isn’t a date that holds a great deal of significance outside of its relation to the day that comes before it. If you’re lucky, the 26th of December will be spent in the comforts of… Read More ›


Black Protests, White Coverage: How The Mainstream Media Distorts The Uprising in Baltimore

You do not dress for war in order to wage peace. You do not suppress information when you have nothing to hide. You cannot serve & protect a community while you dig your knee into its neck. These would seem… Read More ›