We Must Always Be With You: The Need For Interfaith Solidarity in Trump’s America

Reposted from the Shoulder To Shoulder Campaign ——– Among the many gifts with which humanity has been imbued, none are as worthy of our awe and gratitude as the seemingly boundless capacity with which man, woman and child can adapt… Read More ›


God Didn’t Do This, We Did: The Ongoing Crisis in The Central African Republic

More often not, when one overhears someone expressing the belief that religion is the opiate of the masses, it is accompanied by a certain degree of secular snark. Religion, in this interpretation of Marx’s oft misquoted maxim, is a device… Read More ›


Unscientific Methods: Why Young Earth Creationists Spun Scriptural Straw Into Pseudoscientific Gold

The pyramids of Saqqara stand in front of the Nile River Valley like weary sentinels. They act as guardians, looking over a 6 mile wide strip of fecund earth hemmed in by seas of sand. This stretch of implausibly verdant… Read More ›