Days 12 & 13: Of Hippies and Hipsters in Oregon

Yesterday I found myself at The Oregon Country Fair, a patchouli-soaked cabal of hackneyed licentiousness that seemed especially idiotic given the circumstances. I am normally not too fond of the Nouveau-Deadhead set or the Boomer Weekend Warriors who insist on playing dress up and pretending it’s 1968 again, but visiting the fair made me especially ornery considering it was the day after news broke that our justice system has apparently held on to some vestiges of the spirit behind the ol’ 3/5 Clause, at least so far as the value of a 17-year old black teenager is concerned.

But there will be more on that later…much more. Until then, here are some of the more unnerving photos I took yesterday afternoon:



Just interpretive dancing in a satanic billy goat costume…you know, like you do most weekends


“Do these socks go with my new flappy beige loin cloth?”


Next level hula-hooping


This is not The Stanford Cardinal. In fact, I’m pretty sure this tree dropped out of college after a year to work at a vegan co-op.


Kids, this is a message from your Uncle Drew: Don’t do drugs.


Madame George struts her stuff


Like most things from the age of turning on, tuning in and dropping out, The Merry Prankster’s Further bus has become a relic. An entertaining, technicolor relic, but a relic all the same.

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