Days 2 & 3: Americana & A Block Party At Rahm’s House

While you were taking part in the great American pastime of gorging yourself on various encased meats and adult beverages, about 200 folks in Chicago were engaging in another great American tradition, namely taking to the streets and telling their sociopathic, graft-obsessed political officials where to stick it, what to use in the sticking of it and exactly how far they are expected to stick it.

On July 4th, Occupy Chicago and a number of other grassroots community organizations marched through the city’s Lake View neighborhood and set up a little block party outside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house (with about 40 police officers to protect the former Undersecretary of Go Fuck Yourself who wasn’t even home at the time of the march). Here are a few pictures from the block party:







The day before, I spent a little time in Dearborn, MI at The Henry Ford Museum, reveling in the unbridled optimism of bygone eras and basking in the glow of a borderline propagandistic re-telling of American History.






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