Day 9: Montana Wins The Mountain West

In a shocking development, Montana has turned out to be the most fruitful state for mining America’s psyche thusfar on my trip.

Hey, rest of America! Be interesting like Montana (I realize how weird that looks in print, but just go with it)



Ironwork at The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument



You can’t read it from back here, but the marker with the black coloring to it signifies where Custer died. Does anyone know the Crow word for “good riddance”?


Tombstone in the adjacent, “unrelated” military cemetery. Apparently “comrade” only become a naughty word once the Ruskis began using it.


The ingeniously named Montana Hall at Montana State University in Bozeman


The main mine shaft at the abandoned Mountain Con Mine in Butte, MT


As you can partially see from the grass growing in this formerly toxic land, the mine and adjacent property have been turned into a public park.


More abandoned mining equipment in Walkerville, a suburb of Butte.

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