Before the Journey Comes…The Mental Hospital?

On the morning of July 2nd I will set off in my little Toyota Corolla to begin what should be an 8,000 mile trip across America and then back again, all in search of some nebulous insight regarding what has become of The American Dream™ (I’m sure somebody’s trademarked it by now) in a 21st Century that is rapidly turning into The Gilded Age Redux. However, that’s a whole two days away, so I thought I would take a little time to post some pictures I recently took of The old Traverse City State Hospital while staying with my folks in the upper reaches of The LP. I will be posting many picture diaries like this one over the course of my month-long trek, but there will be few words as I’m currently hoarding them all like a regular Scrooge so that I’ll have enough for the book I’m planning to write. They’re all lying in a storage locker outside of Poughkeepsie right now.

If you’d like to know more about The Traverse City State Hospital (formerly the Northern Michigan Asylum), you can check out my previous piece on it here:









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