Preventing HIV Prevention

About a half century before Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had the chance to chronicle the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, an unassuming anesthesiologist named John Snow informally introduced the wonders of deductive reasoning to the people of London. Snow, an English… Read More ›

A Cure or Some Cash?

There is always a point in researching any highly specialized subject when the documents you are reading stop being written in English. It doesn’t matter what the field is—biomedical research, law, literary criticism—there is a line in the sand that… Read More ›

Isentress Distress

I am not a doctor. Nor am I a pharmacist or a nurse. Heck, I’m not even technically a social worker until (and if) I graduate from the University of Maryland-Baltimore SSW next year. However, I have been a citizen… Read More ›