Sub-Saharan Africa

Groping Our Way Through The Darkness

By Drew Gibson For the foreseeable future our national discourse will be dominated by incessant chatter about the upcoming presidential election in November. There will be debates and stump speeches with candidates promising things they can never deliver. We will… Read More ›

Who is our Keeper?

By Drew Gibson This past week, in my home state of Ohio, Representative Ron Amstutz sponsored a now-adopted bill which prohibits the distribution of any funding to Planned Parenthood of Ohio or any of its affiliates from a number of… Read More ›

Women & HIV in Baltimore

A recent article in The Baltimore Sun[1]brought to light a recent study that showed 6 major American cities (Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Newark NJ, Raleigh-Durham NC and Washington DC) had rates of HIV prevalence for black women that were more… Read More ›