HIV News

Deep South Trailer

I had to upload the trailer to what looks to be a remarkable film about the HIV epidemic in an area of the US that rarely gets press, but badly needs it. deepsouth is a new documentary about the struggles… Read More ›

Holding HIV Down

What does it mean to suppress something? Like so much of our language, the word itself comes from Latin: suppressus, from supprimere. It meant to hold down—to push under. The word sounds violent and malicious, like leaning your weight upon… Read More ›

Groping Our Way Through The Darkness

By Drew Gibson For the foreseeable future our national discourse will be dominated by incessant chatter about the upcoming presidential election in November. There will be debates and stump speeches with candidates promising things they can never deliver. We will… Read More ›

Isentress Distress

I am not a doctor. Nor am I a pharmacist or a nurse. Heck, I’m not even technically a social worker until (and if) I graduate from the University of Maryland-Baltimore SSW next year. However, I have been a citizen… Read More ›

Women & HIV in Baltimore

A recent article in The Baltimore Sun[1]brought to light a recent study that showed 6 major American cities (Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Newark NJ, Raleigh-Durham NC and Washington DC) had rates of HIV prevalence for black women that were more… Read More ›

Zero New Infections

Listed Below is a summary of the Baltimore HIV/AIDS Strategy Targets for 2015 with regards to reducing the number of new HIV infections in Baltimore City over the next three years: • Lower the annual number of new infections by… Read More ›