HIV News

Deep South Trailer

I had to upload the trailer to what looks to be a remarkable film about the HIV epidemic in an area of the US that rarely gets press, but badly needs it. deepsouth is a new documentary about the struggles… Read More ›

Holding HIV Down

What does it mean to suppress something? Like so much of our language, the word itself comes from Latin: suppressus, from supprimere. It meant to hold down—to push under. The word sounds violent and malicious, like leaning your weight upon… Read More ›

Isentress Distress

I am not a doctor. Nor am I a pharmacist or a nurse. Heck, I’m not even technically a social worker until (and if) I graduate from the University of Maryland-Baltimore SSW next year. However, I have been a citizen… Read More ›

Women & HIV in Baltimore

A recent article in The Baltimore Sun[1]brought to light a recent study that showed 6 major American cities (Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Newark NJ, Raleigh-Durham NC and Washington DC) had rates of HIV prevalence for black women that were more… Read More ›

Zero New Infections

Listed Below is a summary of the Baltimore HIV/AIDS Strategy Targets for 2015 with regards to reducing the number of new HIV infections in Baltimore City over the next three years: • Lower the annual number of new infections by… Read More ›