A Walmart is Not a War Zone: Photos From The Journey For John Crawford

On Monday, September 22nd, more than 100 men and women set off from a Walmart in  Beavercreek, Ohio–a predominantly white suburb of Dayton–and walked 11 miles to the Greene County Courthouse in Xenia, OH. On August 5th, a 22 year old black man named John Crawford was gunned down and killed by white police officers at that Beavercreek Walmart for the crime of holding an unloaded BB gun in the store’s toy aisle. Protesters and concerned citizens honored the life of John Crawford and called for the release of the surveillance tapes that are being held by Ohio attorney general Mike Dewine so that the truth of this young man’s murder can see the light of day. The march, which was led by the Ohio Student Association, a progressive youth organizing group based out of Columbus, was conducted today to coincide with the convening of a grand jury at the Greene County Courthouse to determine if there’s enough evidence to indict the officers for Crawford’s murder (spoiler alert: there is).

If you haven’t heard about John Crawford’s death, you are not alone. For reasons I can’t properly explain, it has yet to get much traction in the national media and has flown so far under the radar that almost everyone I’ve spoken to in my hometown of Cincinnati–a 1 hour drive away from Beavercreek–have never heard about it. I aim to change that, in whatever way I can, and will have a extensive article on Crawford’s murder and the movement that has risen as the result of it in the coming weeks. For now, all I can offer are some photos from today’s march as a promissory note for more substantive coverage later on.

Before I get to the photos, I have to say that it really was incredible to see so many young people taking charge and speaking out against injustice in their own way and in their own words.

2014-09-22 14.50.57

Getting ready…

2014-09-22 15.03.07

…to speak truth.

2014-09-22 15.04.39

The protesters held a “die-in” while a young woman recited some spoken word poetry

2014-09-22 15.04.57

This is America’s youth…This is their movement

2014-09-22 15.10.41

“It’s Not Real” — John Crawford’s last words

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  1. Way to go Drew! Keep shining that light.

  2. We live in a Corporate Police State. Why. Because we are the Stupid People. And we have given away whatever freedoms we had a long time ago. Usually to goon squads. Education is a Police State. Art is run by the Art Police. Health Care is State Bullying (do what we say or you die). Science is a Police State called Big Pharma. The Internet is a Police State (we are watching you). Publishing is a Police State (we know best). Banking is a Police State (we want it all). Religion (you are going to hell) is a Police State. Employment is a Police State (we want your piss). Any Police State is nothing more than organized crime.

    Why did we do this.

    Fundamentally, as a species, we are afraid. Specifically of what we think is chaos.

    We call the universe “beautiful” because we can’t call it chaos.

    What does all this mean.

    It means that our existence is meaningless.

    Fill in the blank.

    What scares us more than a chaotic universe.



    Because we don’t know what not being is. We don’t control it. We don’t own it. We can’t sell it. We can’t wipe it clean.

    What can we do.

    Invent religion.

    Invent and reinvent authority.

    The word “corporation” derives from corpus, the Latin word for body, or a “body of people.”

    If we could all just work together.

    At what point does it become surreal.

    Suicide is against the law.

    If we all march on Washington we can stop the war now.

    That worked.

    Injustice is bad.

    There is no such thing as justice.

    Mid-12c., “the exercise of authority in vindication of right by assigning reward or punishment;” also “quality of being fair and just,” from Old French justice “justice, legal rights, jurisdiction” (11c.), from Latin iustitia “righteousness, equity,” from iustus “upright, just” (see just (adj.)). The Old French word had widespread senses, including “uprightness, equity, vindication of right, court of justice, judge.” The word began to be used in English c.1200 as a title for a judicial officer. Meaning “right order, equity” is late 14c. Justice of the peace first attested early 14c. In the Mercian hymns, Latin iustitia is glossed by Old English rehtwisnisse. To do justice to (someone or something) “render fully and fairly showing due appreciation” is from 1670s.

    What prevents them from killing us all.

    There are only so many bullets.

    Why do people who either are from Africa or have a genetic connection to Africa the recipients of the worst of us.

    Because we are all from Africa, we scare ourselves. And we like to pretend we are evolved from our beginnings and we are not who we were because if we were who we were, what would be the point. If we are who we were, no one will make it off the planet. NASA was invented the day the slime walked out of the slime. The slime found two things: its reflection, and the sky. It could move its head up and down which it turnned into the symbolism of no. Yes being more evolved and sideways. It knew this and it scares us: I will never get off the planet and I will never know myself.

    What is the point of death if our existence is meaningless and there is no white man with a beard in the sky.

    There is no point to death. It only is.

    What does we can make things better mean.

    It’s silly. We can make things different. But we won’t because there is no god to make us do it.

    What is the hope we can make things better.

    Hope is a Police State. You have it or you don’t.

    Who wins.

    Probably a viral species. That survived the trip to earth. Its resiliancy the result of size. Like moths to flames. The earth is in the suburbs. The main event is near the center of the gallaxy. The human species is the result of a quantom jump.

    What is a quantom jump.

    We know this: our DNA is made up of basically H2O and a few (very few) carbon atoms. We are water and something else.

    Chemical Element
    Carbon is the chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. As a member of group 14 on the periodic table, it is nonmetallic and tetravalent — making four electrons available to form covalent chemical bonds.
    Symbol: C
    Electron configuration: [He] 2s2 2p2
    Atomic number: 6
    Electrons per shell: 2, 4
    Atomic radius: 70 pm
    Discovered: 3750 BC
    Atomic mass: 12.0107 ± 0.0008 u

    I have a question.

    What is your question.

    Will we jump off the planet or will we come to know ourselves as aliens.

    Probably both. We will split apart. When we recognize that we are a mutation that occured when genetics was not much more than an idea, genetics being pregenetic, and had not made the Big Jump yet into an organism like a cell, we bonded. Indeed, our molecules bonded, we as a species only recently ourselves bonded carbon with heavier elements. We kept the living things around because as they evolved (time is nothing has a literal translation) we not only multiplied, we kept the living things around because there wasn’t much here to help store us and move us around. A safe environment.

    Why do we want a safe environment.

    Because we come from simplicity. H2O can move one way, and carbon in the other. It’s a crap shoot. Chaos wins. It doesn’t mean anything. To the universe, there is no meaning attached to us. Quantum bonding exists because electrons which can exist in any number of places simultaeously, cannot NOT interact with the other elements of the molecule. Thusly, if we bond, then we unbond. How is this relevant to Ohio. Ohio is just a bunch of molecules, they’re common throughout the universe, signifying energy is noth attracted and repelled. It goes back to the big bang and the speed of light into nothing is itself a dichotiomy. Are we being hurtled into space or are we going to become quite compact again. Probably both simultaneously because electrons obviously can (and must) do both.

    But why is this relevant and why will there be no change in what is just.

    Because change is the only constant in the universe and can exist whether we are coming or going even for a viural species that has survived whatever the universe has thrown at it. Why. Because even the super, super, super light mechanics as a Higgs bosom both repel and attract because the universe is both expanding and contract which is why there are things like magnet fields and gravity.

    But where are we as a speicies headed. Everywhere and nowhere.

    It’s slow. Even in cosmic time, it’s slow. Billions of years. So far, as about 15. We will come apart or we will be crushed we will come apart and we will be crushed. It is not an accident that human behavior follows this patter because it is the pattern of the universe. We are contradictions. We want the freedom to be able to go buy toys at Walmart. But we want to be safe from elements we recognize are elements but we are not sure that we can bind with them. There are no elements to think these things, elements only are, there is no reason for them to exist other than the big bang which we are only now beginning to undertand. If there is ever going to be any racial harmony, it rests on the idea of hope. What is the idea of hope and reality. The idea of hope being a reality is so enigmatic (the brain being so complex) that it recognizes the ability to create an identity that would look upon itself and know it is a fifty/fifty proposition. Probably. Maybe not. Meanwhile Ohio just doesn’t loom large enough on the conscienceness of the whole to create a ripple. We know from previous experience that we usually get away with it, and the consequences are self-defeating. We hate and love. We destroy most of what we don’t interact with which is what electrons do.

    Electrons only go around. But not as we know around. It’s all a bubble. Which is why there is elemental bonding and unbonding because the entire doig and point show is doing both and always has even before time did not exist.

    We scream we want justice and then we go ahead and design systems that have no relationship to it in any way, shape, or form.

    The hope it can in spite of the fact that there is slim evidence for it change is a human attribute or a hope things have to get better because things can. In time. Is it just. No. It is unjust. It could be that the universe isn’t real. We can only hope for it.

  3. I heard about this, but not through the main media…so that’s why most of the population doesn’t hear about things they NEED TO KNOW. More people should read progressive and/or alternative media (which I usually find via the Internet, which I hope remains neutral.) Thank you for your persistence in reporting and spreading the word about important happenings we need to know about. I wish we could get more young people riled up (in a PEACEFUL manner) about the injustices in this world. Unfortunately, I am too old to join in marches or sit-ins these days, and have too little to donate to the important social efforts going on. I am grateful that there are still many people who care about the important things in life. Thanks, again.

  4. Reblogged this on chez [rebellion] and commented:
    Thank you Virally Suppressed for this writeup and Ohio Student Association for holding AG Dewine accountable. No indictment, no peace.

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