Tell “The Progressive”: West Virginia’s Story Will Be Heard

My latest article on the water crisis in West Virginia, “Trust is Not a Word We Use Around Here,” (has been seen by thousands of people on my blog, Virally Suppressed and on DailyKos as part of the Community Spotlight and Appalachian Journal groups, but it has pretty well run out of steam on these outlets. I have just submitted the article to The Progressive, one of the oldest liberally minded publications in America and the one-time brainchild of the great Wisconsin Senator and Progressive pioneer Bob La Follette.

What I need from you is support! Not in the form of money, but in your collective voice. Please, use this link to write The Progressive’s Editor Matt Rothschildor e-mail the magazine at


“WWBLFD? What Would Bob La Follette Do?” La Follette’s Magazine would become The Progressive shortly after his death

Tell The Progressive that the national press has cast aside the problems and the suffering of West Virginians for too long and that a publication with their history of opposing big business and corrupt government needs to step up to the plate and let the rest of the country know what is happening in West Virginia, and to let them know that they won’t stand for it!

Share this status! Tell your Facebook Friends. Your LinkedIn friends. Your followers on DailyKos. Your actual in the flesh and blood friends. Help me ensure that the momentum that we have gathered for this cause doesn’t fade away into the dark recesses of the internet.

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