Day 33: Senior Superlatives For Presdiential Portraits

So, I paid a visit to Monticello yesterday and it was a bigger disappointment than Jefferson’s tenure as Governor of Virginia. History burn, anybody? Anyway, they didn’t allow photography inside of the home itself, all I have are lame outside shots that aren’t even interesting to me.

To remedy this, I went to my favorite museum in Washington DC, The National Portrait Gallery, and compiled some of my favorite pieces from the Gallery’s new Civil War collection and have created a little Presidential Portrait Yearbook because, why not?



I don’t know about John Brown’s Body, but the man’s face is completely unhinged


A phenomenal political cartoon from 1856. I don’t entirely understand mid-19th century humor, but I’m pretty sure the freaky man-buck is historically awful President James Buchanan.


This is one of my favorite pieces in the museum. ‘I feel like John Waters would approve.


The only Monticello picture I’ll include, solely because my tour guide looked eerily like Richard Belzer.


Now for the awards. Unanimously voted on as President with the Most Prominent Butt-Chin: James Monroe


President Most Likely To Host ‘Tales From The Crypt’: James K. Polk.


President with the Most Bitchin’ Facial Hair: Chester A. Arthur


President Who Looks The Most Like a Cadaver: (Ironically) William McKinley


Most Stylish President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (bonus points for the cape)


President Most Likely to inspire an episode of Law & Order SVU: Richard M. Nixon


President Most Likely To Have His Portrait Painted While Watching a Magnum P.I. Marathon: George W. Bush

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