Day 24: The People’s Republic of Austin

So, I apparently am a sucker for a good Presidential Library, as I hit up LBJ’s this afternoon to supplement my trip to Harry Truman’s Presidential Library a couple weeks ago. The old Shitkicker from Stonewall certainly had a better library in terms of scale, presentation and brazen disregard for historical truths. There was an entire exhibit in which LBJ’s curators implied rather bluntly that Lyndon was responsible for Oprah, Alice Walker and Barack Obama, to name a few of the historical personages on display. But wait, it gets better. To the pictures.



The Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum looks suspiciously like one of the docking bays on The Death Star.


Having the Texas Vietnam Heroes Memorial in LBJ’s Library is like putting a memorial for the men killed in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the lobby of BP headquarters.


Remember when LBJ inherited The Vietnam War from JFK? Yeah, me neither. Nice try Lyndon.


Two words: Moon Rock


Memo from LBJ to his new cabinet the day after President Kennedy’s assassination. Pretty remarkable.


This exhibit was labeled, “Buttons Supporting The Troops.” Revisionist history is lovely, isn’t it?


The Voting Rights Act is now, in part, simply another museum piece.


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  1. A powerful share I Will definitely visit again

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