deepsouth review in latest issue of A&U Magazine

If you’ve been reading Virally Suppressed at all over the past few months, you may know how excited we are for the premiere of the new documentary deepsouth, a film that follows the lives of several men and women living with and working to prevent HIV in Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana. It is rare that we discuss rural poverty in our society and even rarer that we view HIV/AIDS as an epidemic that lives outside of cities and in the far flung corners of our nation where healthcare is even harder to come by and stigma can be unavoidable. Below, there is a link to a recent review of deepsouth by A&U Magazine, which is America’s premier monthly periodical related to issues of HIV/AIDS. Please check it out and stay tuned for our review of the film after it debuts at the Landmark E Street Theater in Washington DC on July 24th & 25th.

deepsouth editor Joe Lindquist, director Lisa Biagiotti, and director of photography Duy Linh Tu in Birmingham, Alabama . Photo by Michael Jordan

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