We’ve got a Pinterest page now!

That’s right. Virally Suppressed now has it’s very own Pinterest account and is slowly become ever-more internet literate. If you have a Pinterest account, come follow us. Our page is:


If you don’t know what in the Sam Hill Pinterest is, that’s cool. We didn’t until a couple of days ago.

So, if you want to see and share a bunch of random photos having to do with safe sex, HIV, LGBT issues and event pictures, then you should join up and see what we’re doing. The following photo is typical of what you will find:

I have no idea what this even means. I can surmise that it is a condom vending machine from the fact that it says condom vending machine on it. The writing is in Korean and we can be sure that it is South Korea because North Korea doesn’t allow a) photography b) smiles c) lollipops or d) protected sex. Beyond that, I am at a loss. Is the condom really big or are the people living in the condom just really small? Why would you live in a condom in the first place? Then again, this could just be some weird South Korean version of The Old Woman Who Lives in A Shoe. Why does the condom have a face? What is it doing with lollipops and why do they have AIDS written on them? How did the condom get arms, hands and opposable thumbs? Why is the tiny condom man’s hand two times the size of his face?

You can see thought-provoking images like this one every day on the Virally Suppressed Pinterest page. Don’t you feel better now that you’ve seen the giant smiling anthropomorphic condom house canoe?


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